Utah 101

Utah is a state located in the southwestern side of united states, it has an approximate area of about 84,899 square miles. Although it does not border any sea or ocean Utah t has numerous rivers, lakes, rivers, dams and other water bodies that Utahans much depend on. Utah is prominently known for its wide variety of fishing opportunities that are rarely found in other states fishing grounds. This include, Utah trophy lake trout, striped bass, channel catfish, white bass, perch, perch, largemouth, crappie, smallmouth, hard fighting wiper, walleye and many more species of fish. However, fishing in Utah is practiced throughout the year. Although, fishing in Utah is carried out the whole year, the government has strict regulation that controls all the fishing grounds in the region. This is; before starting fishing, in Utah, you must possess fishing; otherwise, you will be considered to have broken the rules. Per contra, fishing licenses should be given to everyone who intends to fish and has twelve years and above, which ranges from a three-day fishing license, weekly, monthly, annually and multi-years fishing license up to a maximum of 5 years. When fishing in Utah its is unlawful to use posses or use a live baitfish one is supposed to use, live or dead tiger salamanders, scented baits, scented jigs, or any other artificial baits that are commercially embedded with fish or fish traps. When you are fishing in artificially designed water bodies like dams, you’re supposed to lure or fly only. Whenever you are fishing in Utah, you must keep your license with you, unless if you are less than twelve years old, currently this has been made easier with the introduction of, ?Utah Hunting and Fishing app.’ Which everyone intending to hunt or to fish must download in his or her phone or tablet. Withal since Utah shares many water bodies with other neighboring states such as Arizona Idaho and Wyoming, it has entered into a number of agreements to avoid disagreements between the shared fishing water bodies such as Bear Lake, Lake Powel, and Flaming Gorge Reservoir. When you are a member of any of the countries that share any of the fishing grounds with Utah, either Arizona and Utah or Idaho and Utah and you possess a valid fishing license from any of the states. Despite you being a resident or non- resident you have a right to fish in any of the countries as far as your adhering to the angling regulations that apply to the state where you are fishing. In Utah no artificial lure that is supposed to be of more than three hooks, no line that should be attached to more than three baited hooks or three artificial fliers. This rule also greatly applies when fishing crayfish. When fishing in through ice, nobody is allowed to fish through a hole that is twelve inches wide unless when your fishing in Bear Lake, Fish Lake or Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Beside in Utah your allowed to use artificial light when fishing but not when you’re doing underwater spearfishing, more so, nobody is allowed to use chemical poison, firearms, archery equipment’s, pellet guns, explosives or electricity to catch fish or crayfish anywhere in Utah. However in Utah, many rules and regulations govern fishing, and this has enabled it to conserve it fishing grounds despite it country being landlocked, the governments much enforce these rules, daily limits and other season updates across all Utahans fishing water bodies.